How to Get Messy Hair for That Perfect Tousled Look

How to Get Messy Hair for That Perfect Tousled Look

Have you ever felt entranced by the 'just-woke-up-like-this' hair sported by celebrities and models? That effortlessly chic, perfectly tousled style that seems to scream casual elegance?

How do they do that?

Getting messy, undone curls or tousled waves is easier than you think. You only need the right products, techniques, and hair styling tools.

Whether you're aiming for a relaxed beachy vibe or a more polished look, there are several tips and tricks to achieve that desirable bedhead hairstyle. Let's dive in for a crash course on the secrets of how to get messy hair that's gorgeous and full of texture.

Get the Right Haircut

Embarking on your journey to perfect messy hair begins at the roots. The foundation of any great hairstyle is a flattering haircut that suits your face shape and hair type.

If you're unsure about what would work best, don't fret! A professional stylist can be your guide. They have the expertise to recommend the ideal cut for you, taking into account the length, texture, and volume of your hair.

Short Haircuts

Consider a choppy bob or a pixie cut if you prefer shorter locks. Both these styles are excellent for creating a messy look because they have a lot of movement and texture. You can achieve a tousled effect with a bit of styling product.

Medium Haircuts

A shaggy lob (long bob) is a fantastic option for medium-length hair. This style includes plenty of layers, which can add dimension and movement to your hair. A light scrunch or twist when damp hair can further enhance this.

Long Haircuts

With long hair, layers are your best friend. They can break up the weight of the hair, making it easier to style and giving it a more 'undone' look. Long layers combined with beachy waves can create the ultimate messy yet glamorous style.

However, avoid blunt cuts if you're aiming for a messy look. These tend to make the hair lay flat and can be harder to style in an 'undone' way.

Remember, the goal is to work with your natural hair type and face shape to find a style that makes achieving that desired messy look easy. So, consult your stylist, be open to their suggestions, and continue experimenting until you get the perfect haircut.

Embrace Your Natural Texture

One of the first steps to achieving that perfect tousled look is embracing your hair's natural texture. Instead of trying to change what you have, work with it. Use your hair's natural kinks, curls, or straightness for an authentic, undone, appealing, low-maintenance aesthetic.

Air Dry Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, let it air dry after washing instead of using a diffuser. While your hair is still damp, scrunch in some curl cream or mousse. This will help define your curls and allow them to form naturally as your hair dries. The result? A beautiful, messy, curly finish.

Air Dry Straight Hair

For those with straight hair, air drying can also be beneficial. It allows for subtle bends and imperfections that can add to the messiness of your style. You can create extra waves by scrunching your hair or braiding it while it's damp.

Don't Overbrush

Sometimes less is more. This is especially true when it comes to brushing. Instead of brushing out snarls and waves, detangle only the ends of your hair using a wide-tooth comb.

Prep Your Hair The Night Before

One of the easiest ways to achieve messy hair the next day is to prep your hair the night before. This gives your hair time to become tousled and textured while you sleep.

Use Texturizing Products

Work a texturizing spray, mousse, or sea salt spray into dry hair before bed. These products add grit and texture, which helps create that undone look. Apply it to the roots if you want more lift and volume. Apply to the ends for more piecey, separated strands.

Braid Damp Hair

If your hair is damp before bed, braiding it can create beautiful waves in the morning. For tighter, more crimped waves, braid hair into pigtail braids or several small braids. Braid your hair into one or two larger braids for looser, messy waves.

Pineapple Your Hair

If you haven't heard of "pineappling" your hair, you're in for a treat. This technique ties your hair into a loose topknot to enhance natural texture and waves. It's called "pineappling" because it makes your hair look a bit like a pineapple!

The idea here is that the gentle gathering of hair on top of your head minimizes disruption as you toss and turn in your sleep. When you let your hair down in the morning, you'll be greeted with voluminous hair complete with bends and waves.

Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Here's an extra tip: Consider investing in a silk pillowcase. Silk causes less friction than cotton. It can help prevent your hair from getting frizzy or tangled as you sleep. Plus, it feels luxurious - who doesn't want that?

Style Second Day Hair

If your hair is already dry, don't worry - you can still achieve that coveted bedhead look. Use these tips to style second-day hair:

Try "Second Day" Dry Shampoo

Here's a secret: dry shampoo isn't only for second-day hair. Apply it to clean hair to create grit and texture, making styling easier and more effective. Be sure to use it sparingly to avoid any unwanted white residue.

Sea Salt Spray

Nothing says "beachy waves" quite like sea salt spray. It's a miracle worker for adding instant texture and volume. The salt roughs up the cuticle while added minerals from sea kelp mimic your hair's natural oils.

To use it, spritz on dry hair and scrunch for maximum effect. For an even messier look, try twisting sections of your hair after applying the spray and letting it air dry.

Flip & Scrunch

This simple technique can do wonders for your hair's volume and texture. Lean forward and flip your head upside down, then scrunch your hair upward from the ends. Flip your hair back up and repeat a few times for extra lift.

For added volume, let your hair air dry in this position, or use a diffuser on your blow dryer. This helps set the texture and gives your hair a more voluminous look.

Use a Texturizing Iron

A texturizing iron can be a game-changer for flat, lifeless hair. It uses steam and rise memory metal plates to create a visible lift at the roots. Section your hair and run the iron vertically near (but not on) the scalp.

Finish With Touch-Up Styling

Once you've achieved your desired level of messiness, it's time to add the final touches. These last steps can take your hair from messy to fabulously tousled.

Soften Parts & Flyaways

Flyaways and stray hairs can sometimes make your style look messy instead of artfully tousled. Use a small amount of pomade, cream, or oil to combat this. But remember - less is more! You want just enough product to smooth those stray hairs into place without weighing down your hair or making it greasy.

To apply, lightly coat your hands with the product and sweep them over your hair, focusing on areas where flyaways are most prominent. This will help soften harsh parts and give your hair a tousled yet polished finish, striking the perfect balance between carefree and put-together.

Curl Random Sections

For an added touch of messiness, try curling random sections of your hair with a curling wand or straightener. The key here is randomness - you only want to curl a few strands. This technique adds extra dimension to your hair and enhances that "I woke up like this" vibe.

Set With Flexible Hold Hair Spray

Now that your hair looks tousled, it's time to ensure it stays that way. Flexible hold hair spray is your secret weapon to lock in your style without sacrificing movement.

Unlike traditional crispy hairspray formulas, which can leave your hair feeling stiff and unnatural, flexible-hold hairspray allows it to move and flow while maintaining its shape. You can keep that fabulous tousled look all day without worrying about your hair turning into a hard helmet. 

Give your hair a light misting of the hairspray, holding the can around 12 inches away from your head to ensure an even distribution. And voila! You're now rocking that chic, tousled hairstyle. Enjoy turning heads wherever you go!

How To Get Messy Hair

Remember, messy doesn't have to mean unkempt. It can be a stylish and effortless look that fits your style. Let these tips inspire you to experiment with different techniques and products to find what works best for your unique hair type.

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So now that you know how to get messy hair, have fun with it, and embrace your effortless tousled style. Now go on and rock that messy hair with confidence! Happy styling!