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Turn Up the VOLUME... Just a Little or to the Max!
VOLOOM is the 5 Star Miracle for Flat Hair!
  • "This product changed my hair life. I have very fine, thin hair and was never able to get volume in my hair. This thing is unbelievable!!! My hair has amazing volume…feels like it is 5 times thicker…and my style lasts and lasts. I can never be without this..ever...."

    - Sue, NV
    "I absolutely love my hair again which was very damaged before from coloring and heat, so my hair was falling and breaking and just had no volume at all! Now I don't have to tease anymore b/c that was bad for my hair anyways. Soooo Happy :)"

    - Kerry, TX
    "It totally transformed my hair, it looks full and thick, it’s manageable and… it stays that way for days! Love this iron!"

    - Amanda, CA
  • "I was ready for this not to work…But this thing is amazing! I look like I’ve got twice as much hair! … I get so many compliments! I’m throwing all of those mousses and sprays in the trash! And my hair is soft and touchable and the volume last for days"

    - Kendra, CA
    "Sooo quick and easy! Now a mandatory part of my daily hair routine. Added less than a minute to doing my hair. I am truly amazed at how many compliments I have received since I starting using this amazing iron. I have medium-long length thin hair. I just love it."

    - Theresa, NJ
    "A styling tool break-thru, I’m a professional hair stylist. I was curious about Voloom, but honestly pretty skeptical…Amazingly, Voloom totally delivers. Absolutely recommend this one: for home use or in the salon."

    - Nicole, CA
  • "I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I have always had flat limp hair. I have tried so many products over the years that, I just didn’t think there was anything that could help my hair. The Voloom really works! My hair is full and lively now."

    - Diane, FL
    "I love this! It's easy to use, fast, and the results are amazing. I love the instant volume with this. I don't feel like I'm damaging my hair like I do with teasing... I have thin straight hair as well as hypothyroidism, needless to say I need all the help I can get. I think this is an awesome product."

    – Angela, NM
    "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!... I have very baby fine, flat hair. Nothing worked until Voloom! It is so easy!.... Less than 3 minutes! After brushing, it actually feels like I have twice as much hair!!!! ....soft and thick… The best surprise is that it Lasts for days! Thank you so much Voloom!"

    – Pam, FL
  • "I have a short/medium bob. I bought the petite Voloom! I love it!!!"

    - Linda M.
    "I just got mine and used it today. Prob my best hair day EVER. No jokes. Worth every dollar!"

    – Rin M.
    "I just got my Voloom Petite and it really works!!! Thank You! I have shoulder length, long layered, fine hair and I love how you can determine the amount of fullness....all without styling products! Thanks again!"

    – Bonnie P.
  • "My hair is so fine that I decided to get extensions.They were very damaging and once I had them removed my hair look even thinner. I bought this product and I absolutely love love love it! I feel like I have three times the hair and the style last for days! definitely worth the purchase!"

    - Debbie E.
    "I have been thinking about buying one of these for a while. I finally broke down and bought the petite Voloom. I am in ❤️ with this thing! I have straight blond hair and this thing can give you just a little volume or a lot of volume! If your on the fence, do yourself a favor and buy one!"

    – Kim B.
    "I've had one for more than a year and love it! I use it every day. It gives my hair some ooomph!! It really does work. It's not hype!"

    – Adrienne
  • "Works AMAZING!!! Don't know how I ever lived without it! I have fine hair and used to back-comb and hairspray the underlayers for volume. Now I can run my fingers through it and it looks & feels amazing!!!!!!"

    - Jackie S.
    "I thought this was just a glorified hair crimper, so I bought a crimper to do the same function on my fine, straight, flat hair. Then after awhile I gave in and bought this, what a difference. So much better than just a crimper and now use it pretty much daily!"

    – Frances J.
    ""If anyone is on the fence about buying Voloom, let me assure you, this is the GREATEST invention EVER for fine, limp hair! I have the original size, and for the first time in my life, people regularly compliment me on my hair and can't believe it when I tell them I have fine hair. I FINALLY have the volume I've always wanted! THANK YOU, Voloom!!! 💖💖💖👍"

    – Susan L.
  • "I just got mine....I am shocked to say I have finally bought something that really works....well worth the money...."

    - Cathy C.
    "I got my Voloom this weekend and tried it yesterday - I'm in love!! My hair is fine, and I spend so much time and $ on volumizing products, teasing, etc., and this was amazing!"

    – Toni C.
    "This is so true and unlike any other iron your hair will stay until you wash it. Love love love and I know for I have very fine thin hair."

    – Kim N.
                    The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Irons have been awarded US Patent 8,839,802 and are similarly patented in many other countries.
Unanimously reviewed as a breakthrough in hair styling tools, the VOLOOM hair volumizer creates "volume pockets" in the under layers of your hair lifting the top layers up and away from your scalp. 

It just takes minutes and your hair will have lift and fullness like never before. And it lasts for days! You control the volume: Just a little lift or go for the glam! 

Results last for days 
 Takes just minutes to use 
No teasing 
No mousses, gels, or sprays 
Extends time between shampoos 
Works on all hair types 
Perfect for fine, thin, or aging hair 
VOLOOM: Breakthrough Hair Volumizing Technology
Ceramic Plates

High quality ceramic coated plates allow for uniform heating and smooth styling.

Patented Plate Design

Patented checkerboard design gently creates natural looking structure to lift hair up and away from scalp.

Lasting Volume

Beveled raised platforms create major lasting volume without gels, sprays or mousses.

Locking Mechanism

The advanced locking mechanism protects your VOLOOM while you are on the go.

Customizable Setting 

Adjustable temperature settings from 220° F to 395° F allow you to experiment and find out what temperature works best for your particular hair type. 
Temperature Control 

Digital LED display allows for precise heat control and makes finding and choosing the right temperature so easy and accurate.
Auto Shut-Off

Safely turns off iron after 30 minutes of non-use.
360° Swivel Cord

The 8 foot, 360-degree swivel cord allows for flexibility and easy styling anywhere.

VOLOOM hair volumizing iron: As featured in InStyle, Elle, HSN, Huffington Post and many more
  • Quote From allure: ... for instantaneous lift and volume, no teasing or product overload.
  • Quote From The Beauty Bybel: It gives more body in the roots which is genius. No teasing, no hairspray. This is amazing!
  • Quote From Modern Salon: Flat Hair? This new volumizing iron has cracked the code on volume.
  • Quote From Huffington Post Style: The greatest volumizing tool of all time has been invented.
  • Quote from InStyle: The honeycomb design creates pockets of airy volume.
  • Elite Magazine: Best Volumizing Iron of 2016
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3 Payments of $43.33 + $9.99 S&H or
1 Payment of $129.99 + FREE S&H
3 Payments of $43.33 + $9.99 S&H or
1 Payment of $129.99 + FREE S&H
The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Irons have been awarded US Patent 8,839,802 and are similarly patented in many other countries.