How to Achieve Voluminous Wavy Hair: Tips and Tricks From the Pros

How to Achieve Voluminous Wavy Hair: Tips and Tricks From the Pros

It's estimated that nearly 60% of the world's population has wavy hair. There's no denying that in the past our culture glorified straight hair. However, as cultural preferences change, we're seeing an increasing percentage of women embracing their voluminous wavy hair.

If you want to turn your straight hair wavy or make your current curly hair even more voluminous, you're likely wondering what changes you can make to your hair routine.

Luckily, you're in the right place. This guide will give you some tips and tricks from people in the industry to achieve that wavy look you've been dreaming about.

Use a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

The first thing you should do is find a quality shampoo and conditioner that works with your hair. In particular, look for ones with the label "hydrating" or "moisturizing" next to them.

This is the key to achieving a wavy look since other types of shampoo have the potential to dry out your hair, which will cause it to go straight or frizzy. Next, you need to choose a conditioner.

The type you pick is important here. If you go with a deep conditioning product, it can weigh your hair follicles down. So the key to achieving volume and waves is to use a conditioner with a medium consistency.

Ideally, look for one that's specifically designed to achieve wavy hair. Also, avoid conditioners with silicone in them. This can make your hair dryer.

Avoid Sulfates

There is a lot of misinformation about sulfates, notably that it has the potential to give you cancer. Sulfates are included in shampoos and conditions to help lift debris and oil from your hair to clean it.

And, while they're not dangerous, if you want voluminous hair, you should avoid them at all costs. Why? Well, for one thing, oil is good for your hair. However, on top of that, sulfates can often strip valuable nutrients from your hair.

This, in turn, can lead to dry, frizzy hair that's more vulnerable. So if you want wavy hair, make sure that you're looking for sulfate-free products. The good news is that there are a lot of great wavy hair products avoiding them, like all the ones offered at VOLOOM.

Rinse With Cold Water When Showering

Cold showers can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. However, they can be great for hair. Specifically, when you rinse your hair with ice-cold water, it causes your hair cuticles to close.

This is important because when they dry it can lead to a finish that's both smooth and shiny. Cold showers can be hard to get used to, but remember that they also come with plenty of health benefits.

The good news is that you don't need to take your whole shower cold. When you're washing your hair, you can use warm water. However, make sure you switch to cold water when you rinse the shampoo and conditioner.

Towel Dry

It can be tempting to rub your head dry once you get out of the shower to dry it as quickly as possible. However, you need to avoid this instinct as it will make your hair more frizzy.

Instead, flip your hair upside down. Then, use your towel to gently pat dry. You want to absorb any excess water, then let it air dry. Alternatively, you can also wrap a towel around your head to let it dry.

Regardless of whether you're air-drying or heat-drying, you should make sure to get as much of the water out of your hair as possible without rubbing.

Comb With a Wide-Tooth Comb

Traditional brushes can create a lot of extra frizz during brushing. Instead, reach for your wide-tooth comb. This will help you deal with any tangles or knots without compromising your waves.

Alternatively, if you only have a few tangles here and there, you can just use your fingers to deal with them. Also, remember that not all brushes are bad. Some are specifically designed to add volume to your hair.

Just make sure you do your research before you use them. And fight the urge to overbrush. Even if you have the right type of brush for your hair, this can not only lead to frizziness but also breakage if you brush too hard.

Consider Some Hair Serum

As we mentioned, the key to good wavy hair is adding moisture to your hair. As such, we recommend finding some moisturizing hair serum you can add to your hair after a shower.

Simply apply a little to your hand, then scrunch your hair to make sure that it's distributed evenly throughout the hair. We recommend argan oil, but you can experiment until you find a product that works for your hair type. Just be careful when you're applying the hair serum.

A little product can go a long way. As such, if you apply too much, it can end up weighing down your hair. Instead, only use a pea-size after each wash.


If you have some hours on your side, you should use one of the many air-drying methods. To create waves, we recommend twisting your hair into one-inch sections. Using your hands, you can scrunch the ends.

Once everything is set, wrap a towel around your hair to keep it in place. The towel should remain in place for two to three hours. Then, take it off and let it finish drying in the air.

This method can lead to bouncier curls around your head that give a wave appearance. Alternatively, if you're about to go to bed, you can put your hair into a braid. Just make sure it's a loose braid that you can clip. Air-drying is the best natural way to get curls.

However, once it's dry, make sure you keep your hands off of it. If you or others touch it too much, it can transfer additional oils and moisture to the hair. However, if you're in a hurry, you can also use some heat drying methods as long as you're careful.

Be Careful With Heat Drying Methods

It's okay to rely on heat drying methods like your curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer. However, if you are doing this method you need to make sure that you're using a heat protection product.

For those who need a recommendation, you can't go wrong with our Thermal Protection Spray. It both protects your hair from the heat while adding some additional volume. In addition, you want to make sure that you're using your heat-drying product on the lowest possible power setting.

When you blast your hair with high heat, it can cause your hair cuticles to swell up. This, in turn, can lead to frizzy hair. In addition, you should also loosely wrap your hair to encourage a wave.

Sleep on the Right Pillowcase

Believe it or not, your pillowcase material can make a difference with your waves. Specifically, satin or silk material can help keep your moisture locked in throughout the night.

This can help you avoid some of the frizziness that comes with cotton pillowcases. What's more, silk also stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

So it's great for temperature regulation too. However, if you dislike the feel of a silk pillow, you can always use the material in a bonnet instead.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

There's a lot of debate about how often you should wash your hair. Studies suggest that for optimal hair and scalp health, you should wash five to six times per week.

However, is this amount ideal for creating wavy hair? Not really. If you wash your hair every day, it can damage it by stripping away your natural oils and nutrients.

Instead, consider washing your hair every other day. However, it's also important to remember that personal preferences and hair types also come into play. So, experiment to find a hair-washing schedule that works for your specific needs.

Is It Possible to Get Wavy Hair Out of Straight Hair?

If you're tired of plain straight hair, you might be wondering if you can get it wavy. The good news is that it is possible to get wavy hairstyles with your hair!

In addition to the advice we've already covered, we also recommend trying some other methods to get it wavy. These can include:

  • The T-shirt method
  • Finger waves
  • Straighteners
  • Curling irons
  • Volumizing irons
  • Overnight braids
  • Sea salt spray

Make sure to check out this guide to learn how to get waves out of straight hair.

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We hope this guide helped you learn how to achieve voluminous wavy hair. As you can see, a few minor changes to your routine and hair products are all it takes to add volume to your curls.

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