Voloom Iron

The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron is an entirely one-of-a-kind styling tool, designed specifically to add fabulous volume to your hair. You simply style your hair as you like, then as a finishing step, on dry hair, use VOLOOM to add volume to the under-layers of the hair closest to the scalp. This gives the hair full, healthy, sexy volume. Watch VOLOOM videos that show you exactly how to get huge hair volume.

No. VOLOOM is designed to be used solely on the under-layers of hair, specifically to create volume. Unlike a flat iron or curling iron, you never pull VOLOOM through the hair, nor do you use it on the ends of your hair. You close and release it quickly on the hair near the scalp and underneath a smooth top-layer of your hair. You only need to hold it there long enough to say “VOLOOM” and then release it. Close and release VOLOOM two or three times down the hair shaft to about eye or cheekbone level.

Yes!! There are so many products out there that promise volume, but don’t deliver, that it can be hard to believe. But you will be amazed by the lush, sexy volume that you are able to achieve with VOLOOM, even in fine, thinning or aging hair. In fact, most people find that it can at least double the appearance of volume in their hair. See what 14 beauty experts have to say about the VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron.

The secret is in the patented plates. Used in the under-layers of hair, VOLOOM creates hidden volumizing structure – natural-looking “volume pockets” – that lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. By separating and lifting individual hairs, VOLOOM creates the appearance of much greater hair volume.

No. Although they may seem similar, unlike crimpers, VOLOOM plates have been scientifically engineered specifically to create lasting volume and structure without leaving a clear pattern in the hair. Crimpers can create texture, but there is an undesirable crimp pattern left in the hair. This is because crimpers have a very regular “saw-tooth” pattern in the plates. VOLOOM plates, on the other hand, feature alternating platforms with beveled edges that bend the hair gently, creating natural-looking “volume pockets” in the hair. Also, even more importantly, crimpers do not create nearly as much “lift” in the under-layers of the hair (and tend to collapse sooner), so the volume created with crimpers is much less apparent than with VOLOOM. Click here to see the difference between crimped and VOLOOMed hair!

All of the VOLOOM irons share the same overall features that make them incredibly effective for adding fabulous volume to your hair. The notable differences are the sizes of the patented plates and the size of the volumizing platforms. Women with longer or thicker hair who want to go glam love Classic. Those who want more modest volume, or who have medium length or shorter or finer hair prefer Petite or Rootie the Rootlifter. Take the VOLOOM quiz to see which is right for your hair!.

If you have longer hair, thicker hair, or just want to go big, Classic will be the one. If you have medium length hair that is medium fine, Petite is your go-to tool. And if your hair is chin-length or shorter, or if you just want a little boost at the root, ROOTIE the Rootlifter will do the job. Take our quiz to find out which tool is best for you.

VOLOOM Classic has a 1.5 inch wide plate, while VOLOOM Petite has a 1-inch plate. VOLOOM ROOTIE the Rootlifter is a ¾ inch iron.

Yes. VOLOOM has dual voltage, 120/240V.

NOTE: A plug adapter will still be needed specific to the particular area you are traveling in.

It’s so easy!

- First, make sure your hair is dry and styled as you like. (VOLOOM can be used on hair that is freshly styled or on 2nd or 3rd day hair). Part your hair normally.
- VOLOOM is made to be used on the under-layers of hair, which are covered by an untreated top layer. Part your hair normally, and then section off the top layer that you would like to stay smooth, and clip it off to the side. This top layer of hair should be about ½ to 1 inch wide and run parallel to your regular part. This layer will stay smooth and untreated. You will also want to make sure that a small section of hair – about ½ to 1 inch wide -- running alongside your face stays smooth and untreated.
- Separate out another layer – about ½ to 1 inch wide -- underneath the top layer that is held by the clip. Close and release VOLOOM quickly on the hair near the scalp, being careful not to burn the scalp. The first time you close and release VOLOOM, make sure that you do not hold the iron on the hair longer than a second (about long enough to say “VOLOOM”).
- Repeat this process as you move VOLOOM down the hair shaft, two to three times, stopping at about eye or cheekbone level. You can experiment with more or less, depending on the length of your hair.
- Clip this layer out of the way to keep it separate from the hair underneath so that you can treat more layers of hair. Repeat this process on as many layers as desired until you reach the volume you like.Remember that VOLOOM is used solely on the under-layers of the hair, so always make sure that you have plenty of smooth hair covering the hair treated with VOLOOM. Check out this How-To Video for an overview of the VOLOOM technique!

VOLOOM’s temperature is adjustable in five degree increments starting at 220 degrees Fahrenheit and going up to 395 degrees.

VOLOOM’s digital controls and readout give you complete control over temperature, which can be adjusted every five degrees, starting from as low as 220 degrees Fahrenheit going up to 395 degrees.

Here’s a basic guide.The first time you use VOLOOM, select a lower temperature than you think you might need, until you get the hang of the technique. If you want to use a higher setting, be sure to GRADUALLY increase the temperature. Never style hair for the first time on a high setting as you may damage your hair. Use only as much heat as you need in order to put texture in your hair.

If you just don’t like a lot of heat on your hair, you always have the option of selecting a lower temperature and holding VOLOOM on for slightly longer. Just experiment to find out what temperature works best for your particular hair type.

VOLOOM has been designed to help you achieve maximum results while minimizing the potential for hair damage. It is to be used only on the hair near the scalp and a few inches down the hair shaft. This hair is rich in natural protective oils – your own natural heat protection. Unlike other hot tools, it is never used on the ends of hair, most prone to damage.

Plus, VOLOOM has protective ceramic coated plates, as well as ionic technology that help to seal the cuticle and protect from damage. All of these features protect the hair.

Most women over-wash and over-style their hair because it falls flat if they don’t. With VOLOOM, you’ll likely find that you can easily go extra days without washing because your hair is never flat! This change in your regular hair routine means that you’ll find that you need to shampoo, color, and heat-style your hair less often with VOLOOM, causing less damage to your hair over time.

Over the long term, your hair should actually get healthier with VOLOOM!

VOLOOM works by creating structure in the under-layers of hair that are covered by an untreated top layer. When you first clamp down on hair using VOLOOM, you will see an imprint. This is the volumizing structure, or “volume pockets” that will hold up the top layers. But once the hair cools or you brush through it, this imprint will ease and soften, leaving only a slight impression and much greater hair volume. Most women find that they are easily able to hide this imprint under the smooth outer layer of hair. If it does show through, you can treat the area quickly with a flat-iron or curling iron to smooth it out. When you use VOLOOM again, you should try using a thicker top hair layer for greater coverage. Check out this great brief Instagram How-To Video showing a close-up of the imprint.

Absolutely! That’s the best part. The volume that you get is
“heat-locked” into your hair, unlike the volume you get with sprays and
gels, which can weigh the hair down and make it fall flat. This means
that your volume will last for days or until you get your hair wet.

Not if you don’t want to. VOLOOM can give you major volume all by
itself. But if you want a little boost without weighing your hair down,
you can use one of our VOLOOM Very Airy low residue styling products,
designed especially to work with VOLOOM. Just be sure that your hair
is completely dry when you use VOLOOM.

No. VOLOOM is designed to be used on dry hair.

YES! VOLOOM adds huge volume to fine and thinning hair by creating a
sound structure in the under-layers of hair, lifting them up and away
from the scalp. This creates the appearance of much thicker, lush hair.
But you will not need to turn the heat as high as you would for thicker
hair, and you may need to use a wider top layer for coverage. (See
temperature recommendations for fine and thinning hair.)

NOTE: For fine or thinning hair, we recommend our VOLOOM Petite or
VOLOOM ROOTIE The Rootlifter, as these were specifically designed with
YOU in mind!

VOLOOM is an absolute miracle for aging hair, which gets finer and thinner, the older you get. Thin hair is very aging, because it accentuates the sagging of the skin and face that comes with age. By lifting the hair up and away from the scalp and face, you can take years off your appearance. We say, “Don’t get a facelift; get a hair-lift with VOLOOM!”

NOTE: For fine or thinning/aging hair, we recommend our VOLOOM Petite model or VOLOOM ROOTIE The Rootlifter as these were specifically designed with YOU in mind!

Yes. But these conditions present challenges to all hot styling tools, including VOLOOM, and may require some adjustments in your styling routine. First, you need to use VOLOOM on dry hair, especially in humid conditions. If the hair is damp, or if you sweat, the structure that VOLOOM provides will not last as long. Also, you may find that you need to use the same type of styling products that you would usually use in these climates to combat humidity, such as humidity blockers, heat styling sprays or finishing sprays. These will help to preserve the volume in humid environments.

Yes! VOLOOM adds height, holding power and “grip” to hair. So it’s much easier to do up into a sophisticated updo or ponytail that stays put. And the best part is that the volume you create with VOLOOM will still be there when you take your hair down!

Yes! You will find that you don’t need to wash your hair nearly as often with VOLOOM, because the volume lasts until your next shampoo. This means less damage from over-washing, over-styling and over-coloring your hair.

VOLOOM ROOTIE The Rootlifter will work on hair as short as earlobe length to cheekbone length. VOLOOM Petite will work on hair that is chin length or longer. VOLOOM Classic will work on hair that is shoulder length or longer. NOTE: If you have layers, the top layer should be the minimum length for the model you are using.

That’s one of the best features! It takes just a minute or two to get huge volume in your hair that you really can’t get any other way – even with a time-consuming blowout. You’ll save so much time in your daily routine by not having to wash and style as often.

VOLOOM gives you “blowout salon style” in just minutes at home. And the volume that you create lasts until your next shampoo, without using any gels, sprays, or mousses. That means you’ll spend less time and money in salons, less money on shampoos and volumizing products, and less money on coloring because you won’t be washing the color out of your hair nearly as often. VOLOOM is a big money saver.

Yes, your VOLOOM comes with a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you need to exchange your device, simply call customer service for exchange instructions.

Return Policy

We want you to be 100% thrilled with your purchase! As such, we have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for a full refund of the product price, which starts the day you receive your VOLOOM. If you’re not pleased for any reason, please contact Customer Service at 800-906-9203 within the 30-day period for assistance with usage and/or to arrange your return. Their normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST. NOTE: If returning, please send the VOLOOM back in the original package and include all the products in the kit, including the printed materials.