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A New Life For Your Hair

Learn about the story and the magic behind the VOLOOM volumizing hair iron.

Dear Friends,

I invented VOLOOM because my hair was flat and lifeless, especially as I got older, and there seemed to be nothing that I could do about it. And I tried everything – tools, sprays, mousses and every kind of tool imaginable. Nothing worked.

Friends of mine, even the younger ones, complained of the same problem. Even those with thick hair found that it could lie flat due to its weight. It made us feel frumpy, unattractive, and even less
powerful than we felt when our hair was full and fabulous. It turns out, the term “bad hair day” is really code for “flat hair day” and it’s a major confidence killer for women.

So I decided to tackle the problem by inventing the first Hair Volumizing Iron. The big “aha moment” in designing VOLOOM was realizing that I had to create structure in the under-layers of the hair in order to lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. That structure needed to be strong without showing a distinct pattern in the hair.

The patented VOLOOM plates are the secret. The beveled platforms do the heavy lifting, creating the appearance of much greater volume—double or even triple the amount.

The waffle design of the plates diffuses any pattern left in the hair, and makes it look natural— sort of like naturally textured or wavy hair in the under-layers. And the plates have a ceramic coating to protect the hair.

Now I’m not saying that VOLOOM is the best thing since sliced bread
(even though Modern Salon Magazine literally called it the “greatest thing since sliced bread for women with flat hair.”) But it does give many women their confidence back and allows them to quit worrying about their hair and get on with more important things. (By the way, the picture above is me on vacation. I hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days. I just used VOLOOM and enjoyed my trip!) And as an extra bonus, you may find –as I did – that you’re getting compliments on your hair all the time. And that feels just great.

After seeing the success of the original VOLOOM Classic, I designed two variations: VOLOOM Petite for women with medium length and medium fine hair, and VOLOOM Rootie, for women with shorter and finer hair.

Here's to great hair days,
Patricia Lund, CEO


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