How to Add Volume to Thinning Hair

How to Add Volume to Thinning Hair

You've spent a lifetime running your fingers through your hair, but lately, the weight of the tresses seems to have changed. There's more hair in your brush and stuck in the shower drain. Your hair is thinning, and you're unsure what to do about it.

Thinning hair is a very normal part of aging, and research suggests that a full 95% of female hair loss results from natural hormonal changes. It's possible to add volume to your hair with a few styling tricks, products, and style shifts.

We've created this guide to help you learn the ins and outs of adding stunning volume to your fine hair. We'll teach you what to notice, what to avoid, and how to make choices that leave your locks looking full and bouncy.

Read on to pick up our best tips for transforming thin hair without adding extra work.

Say No to Polymers and Silicones

Do you know what's in your shampoos and hair products? If not, it's time to take a long look at the label. Many popular products contain additives that could cause your thinning hair to fall flat.

Additives such as silicones and polymers cling to your hair shafts, and they add bulk that causes thin hair to droop. Sometimes they even resist water, making it impossible to clean product build-up out of your hair, causing a damp, greasy look.

Once you eliminate these products from your rotation, your hair will bounce back, and you'll also sport a cleaner, more comfortable scalp.

Start With the Root of the Problem

If you have fine, straight hair, your volume problem begins at the roots. Oil, dirt, and product linger on the scalp and slide down your straight, slippery hair. This grime weighs all your locks down, causing thin hair to appear thinner.

Many women combat this by teasing their roots. Be aware that this style does cause damage to your hair over time. For a damage-free alternative, consider a volumizing product like VOLOOM, which provides the same stunning benefits with less effort.

Hold Off on Heat

Blow-drying your hair is a great way to add volume. At-home blowouts are time-consuming, however, and salon or dry bar blowouts are prohibitively expensive. Plus, heat styling will damage your hair over time, so even your beloved high-end blow dry will eventually fall flat.

If you're going to use heat, always prioritize protection. Instead of blasting your soaking wet hair with heat, allow it to mostly air dry before you take out the blow dryer. You can even add volume by briefly blow-drying dry hair.

Focus on the roots, and consider drying your hair upside down. Reduce heat exposure as much as possible, and don't brush out your hair after drying.

Choose the Right Shampoo

While a volumizing shampoo can add temporary heft to your tresses, it might also damage your hair. A gentle shampoo that doesn't achieve results through hair shaft abrasion is key to caring for thin hair. If your shampoo is damaging your cuticles, you might be adding to your problem rather than solving it.

Once you've found a fine hair shampoo you love, use it sparingly. Focus mostly on washing your ends so you won't add more bulk to the root area. Don't worry about lather, rinse, repeat—a quick, single wash and rinse should do the trick.

Try a New, Volume-Boosting Cut

It's easy to fall into routines, and many women walk into the hair salon and ask for "their regular" for years on end. Now that your hair is changing, it might be time to seek out a new "regular." Often, a fresh cut goes a long way toward adding volume and vitality to fine or thinning hair.

If you've been relying on length to hide thinning hair, this is a great time to try out a shorter cut. Long hair is heavier, which causes a flattened look, but a shorter style is naturally lighter, which adds visual fullness.

Likewise, if you're used to a single-length cut, this is a great time to try out some fun, bouncy layers. Ask your stylist for long layers if you're nervous about this change. They will add heft and movement without any new styling requirements.

If you're feeling adventurous, shorter layers are bouncy and voluminous and will help create a playful illusion of fullness, even on fine or thin hair.

Add VOLOOM to Your Hair Care Routine

In a perfect world, you'd be able to manage your hair with as little washing, teasing, and heat as possible. While these techniques can all help add volume, they also damage your hair over time. If you become too reliant on these solutions, the overall health of your hair may decline.

Instead, try a tool like VOLOOM. It's a hair volumizing iron that works wonders on thin, fine, or aging hair. It uses patented plates to add volume pockets to your hair that add heft, bounce, and fullness to any style.

VOLOOM is a quick solution that reduces the need for washing, heat, and abrasive styling techniques. The results last for days, preserving your hair, so it gets healthier over time.

Don't Let Thinning Hair Dull Your Style

About one-third of all women experience some amount of hair loss in their lifetime. That means you aren't on your own when seeking solutions for your style concerns. Use your thinning hair as an opportunity to explore new, healthier styles and routines, and you'll start to love the way you look.

Your new routine begins when you start using VOLOOM, the long-lasting volumizing solution for every hair type. You'll achieve volume that lasts for days with fewer washes, less product, and no need for heat. Take our VOLOOM product quiz to discover how to get healthier hair with half the effort.