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Our Favorite 15 Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

If you have thin hair, finding hairstyles that give you the right amount of volume can be challenging. However, there are indeed ways to maximize volume even if you have fine hair. We’ve looked and tried hundreds of different hairstyles and these are the 15 styles that give you that full, voluminous look for both short and long hair. So take a look below to get the best hairstyles for thin hair!

Hairstyle #1 The Pixie Cut

pixie cut
Courtesy of The Trend Spotter

The Pixie Cut absolutely tops our list because of how cute and versatile it is. You can add a little edginess to this style by adding an undercut or buzzing your temple hair on one side of your head. This look is super trendy and looks flattering on dark-haired women, especially with a few added highlights. The best part? Upkeep is minimal–it takes no time at all to wash, dry, and style your hair.

Hairstyle #2 Wispy Layers

wispy layers

Courtesy of Cheeky Locks

Wispy layers can be applied to several different styles. Still, they generally go best with a pixie cut or a bob. These layers give your hair the impression of more movement to look thicker and more voluminous. For even better results, take a trip to the salon and add a few strands of highlights to make your hair look even thicker!

Hairstyle #3 Feathered Look

feathered look

Courtesy of Love Hairstyles

A feathered look is the “pajama day” version of wispy layers. To achieve the feathered look, just use a small amount of your favorite mousse or hair spray to give yourself a semi-messy look to add tons of volume to your hair. This look works best with short and medium-length hair.

Hairstyle #4 Curled Lob

curled lob
Courtesy of Allure

Just like the Pixie Cut, no additional product is needed for the Curled Lob. This trendy hairstyle increases the natural curliness of your hair with a hair iron to instantly add volume. A curled lob has the incredible natural ability to give any hair extra volume to anyone worried about their fine hair.

Hairstyle #5 Highlights or Lowlights


Courtesy of The Right Hairstyles

Depending on your hair type, adding a little color texture can go a long way towards making it look more voluminous. For example, if you have light-colored hair, add some lowlights to the bottom of your hair to increase the appearance of volume and texture. Likewise, if you have dark hair, adding some streaks of blonde can really help your style pop and make your hair look thicker.

Hairstyle #6 Rounded Bob

rounded bob

Courtesy of Love Hairstyles

A rounded bob adds a truly impressive amount of volume. Just use a little bit of hairspray or mousse and blow-dry. For best results, try lowlights on the bottom and highlights on the top to really bring out your hair’s volume.

Hairstyle #7 Layered Bob with Straight Hair

layered bob straight hair

Courtesy of Pretty Designs

One of the easiest and cutest hairstyles for short, fine hair is a layered bob. The layered texture brings out the greatest amount of volume for your hair. This cute and flirtatious look is sure to gather glances of envy from friends and strangers alike. Add a little bit of product and fluff with your hands to get amazing textured results.

Hairstyle #8 Silver Pixie Bob

Silver Pixie Bob

Courtesy of Love Hairstyles

To really spice up your style, try the silver pixie bob! This short haircut is a perfect style to turn heads and wow passers-by. Even if a bob isn’t your ideal style, the metallic silver color combined with silver balayage is a beautiful, classy, chic style for anyone interested in spicing up their hair.

Hairstyle #9 Textured Blunt Bob

Textured Blunt Bob

Courtesy of Hair Advisor

Here’s one of the most beautiful and voluminous short haircuts for fine hair. This easy-going and low-maintenance hairstyle makes shaggy and unruly look beautiful, voluminous, and chic. Add highlights to make this hairstyle pop!

Hairstyle #10 Short Feathered Pixie Cut

Short Feathered Pixie Cut

Courtesy of Latest Hairstyles

The pixie cut is the absolute epitome of cute. These short hairstyles are fantastic for women with thin hair and who want to add volume and texture. The pixie cut with funky wavy layers makes hair of any type—blonde, brunette, or black—appear full and voluminous.

Hairstyle #11 Blown-out Comb Over Bob

comb over bob

Courtesy of The Right Hairstyles

The blown-out comb over bob is one of our favorite hairstyles for women who want the best hairstyles for thin hair. This gorgeous hairstyle looks great on nearly all face shapes and sizes. This style not only volumizes your hair but also creates the perfect frame for your face. In addition, the lifted roots and blown strands give unparalleled volume to any hair type.

Hairstyle #12 Short Blond Hair with Wispy Bangs

blonde hair with bangs

Courtesy of The Cuddl

This shabby chic hairstyle is one of the most trendy and flirtatious hairstyles for fine hair in 2022. This beautiful bob-like hairstyle is accentuated and brought to life with wispy bangs that frame your face. In addition, the tousled look of the bangs gives the added appearance of volume to the front and top of your hair.

Hairstyle #13 Classy Sliced Haircut

sliced haircut

Courtesy of Glamour

This beautiful haircut brings new life and volume to women of all ages. The hair is cut in sliced layers to lend the appearance of greater volume and depth—no highlights needed! This style combines the volume of a wispy bob with the frame of a comb-over. This beautiful hairstyle is ideal for thin hair and does a great job of hiding a thinning or receding hairline.

Hairstyle #14 Shattered Bob for Fine Hair

shattered bob

Courtesy of Glamour

This gorgeous bob has been one of the trendiest styles for brown hair in 2022. The “shattered” effect is achieved by cutting the tips of the hair with a straight razor. No need for precision here; just lean into the messy, tousled look that we all love. Your hair will look full of volume and rich in texture!

Hairstyle #15 Shaggy A-Line Bob Cut

a line bob cut

Courtesy of The Right Hairstyles

An A-Line cut is always a fantastic option for anyone with fine hair because of its ability to add volume. The choppy tresses in this style make the cut look flirtatious and edgy and super cute!


After reading hundreds of articles and trying out hundreds of different hairstyles, these are by far our favorite hairstyles for women with fine hair, short hair or long. We encourage you to keep looking at styles until you find something you absolutely love and feel comfortable with. For an added boost of volume to fine hair, check out the VOLOOM Volumizing Hair Irons and how they can help you add more volume to complement your hairstyle!