5 Secrets on How to Achieve the Perfect Hair Blowout

5 Secrets on How to Achieve the Perfect Hair Blowout

A hair blowout is one of a hairdresser's favorite things to do and also one of the most challenging. A great blowout is like an elegant painting. It's all about the technique.

But if you want your perfect blowout to look like it came from the salon, it helps to know a few insider secrets. We've gathered them here so you can achieve the perfect blow-dry at home and have salon-perfect hair whenever you want (without having to pay for it!).

Let's dive into hair blowout secrets.

1. Prep Your Hair

You'll need to prep your hair before you can begin blow drying. The first thing you should do is use a heat protectant spray. This will protect your hair from damage caused by high heat.

This is especially important if your hair tends to fall flat or become dry when it's exposed to too much air conditioning or sunlight after getting styled.

2. Use the Right Equipment

While you might be able to get away with using your fingers or a comb, they dont have the same effect as a brush. Use a round brush to smooth and straighten your hair evenly for best results.

If you want volume at the roots and more definition on the ends, use an ionic dryer (which boasts negative ions that seal in moisture). And if you need even more help with frizz control and shine, invest in a blow dryer with ceramic technology - it's especially good for thick or curly hair.

3. Prep Your Hair With Products

To get the most out of your blowout, you need to prep the hair before you start. Some people like to use a heat protectant spray on their dry hair before they begin styling, but you might find that it makes your hair too greasy for your liking.

Instead of using a product before styling, apply it once we're done drying our locks and curling them into loose waves. A good serum will help hydrate your strands while giving them an extra boost of volume at the rootthe key to creating a voluminous look without being weighed down by heavy products!

Many people also love using volumizing sprays because they give your strands just the right amount of texture without weighing down your roots or making them feel stiff after blowdrying (and if these aren't available where you live? You can always DIY one yourself!)

4. Blow-dry Bit by Bit

To get the best results, blow-dry bit by bit. If you try to do your entire head at once, it'll take a long time and your hair will likely be frizzy. Instead, start with one side of your head and work your way around until it's completely dry. Then take another section and repeat the process until all of your hair is dry and smooth.

This method gives your roots more time to dry than they would if they were being exposed all at once while getting blasted with hot air from a round brushwhich means less time spent with wet hair that's too hot for it!

The next step is using a round brush on each section as it dries. The motion should be gentle so as not to tug on already fragile strands of hair but firm enough that every part of each strand gets tensioned properly. This helps create even texture throughout the whole head (instead of just focusing on what's close).

Lastly, if you're still working on drying out those ends after about 45 minutes or so (and no sooner), then add in some diffuser attachment onto your blow dryer nozzle and aim it down toward those ends for 10 seconds or so before switching back up toward the root area againthis will help ensure that no one can see any frizziness under their microscope when looking closely into their shiny-looking strands!

5. Style and Set Your Blowout

The final step in achieving the perfect blowout is setting and styling your hair. You can use a curling iron, flat iron, or even tongs to style your hair after you've blown it out.

This gives you more control over how long you want to wear a particular hairstyle. Set your blowout with hairspray if possibleit'll keep things in place for longer!

Use a Diffuser and a Round Brush

How to do a blowout? The secret to achieving salon-perfect hair in your bathroom is all about the tools. With these tips and tricks, you'll be styling your locks like a pro in no time.

A diffuser attachment on your blow dryer will help you create soft waves, or use a concentrator if you want more volume. Just remember not to hold it too close, you don't want to fry your hair!

There's nothing wrong with using a round brush or diffuser tools as part of a natural hairstyle. They make it easier for beginners. You may also want to use detangling brushes if you have knots in your hair. This way you can get through thicker sections of hair without any trouble at all.

Plus they're great if you love volume because they distribute air evenly around each strand without pulling out any strands while drying them off completely dry afterward.

A Hair Blowout Is Great If You Do it Right

The best thing about a great hair blowout is that it looks good for days. With these five tips and tricks, youll be able to achieve the look at home. So what are you waiting for? Turn off those curlers and get ready to make your hair look even better than ever!

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