The Top 8 Heat Protectant Products for Hair

The Top 8 Heat Protectant Products for Hair

Haircare has become a huge part of all of our lives. Whether it’s a quick wash or a full-blown hair treatment, we spend a lot of time caring for our hair. As such, it’s essential that your hair stays strong and healthy, especially when introducing heat.

There are several ways to protect your hair from heat damage. Whether your hair is fine or thick, curly or straight, dry or sebaceous, these products will help prevent cuticle damage and split ends. 

Heat protectants are essential for protecting hair against heat damage. They come in various forms, including sprays, gels, creams, oils, and mousses. The critical thing to remember is that they should be applied before applying heat to protect your hair and look your best.

Heat Protection Product Options

Heat protectors come in many different forms; serums, sprays, mousses, gels, and even shampoos/conditioners. While the presentation may be a little different, the way that they all work is more or less the same. Heat protectors work by covering the hair follicle with a film resistant to high temperatures. This film coats the hair follicle and keeps it from breaking or becoming damaged.

It's also important to note the differences and similarities amongst hair types. While there is undoubtedly a difference in thickness, curls, straight, etc., all hair is structurally the same and is made of the same basic proteins. As far as heat protection is concerned, you should try out several different protectors and see which works best for your hair. For example, you may prefer serums to sprays or conditioners to gels. The best way to find your perfect protector is to try different products until you find the right one!

To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite heat protectors. Read on to find out what we LOVE about each one.



Olaplex is widely recognized as one of the highest quality brands for hair care products. If your hair is already broken or damaged, Olaplex No. 7 could be the perfect solution. Their patented formula not only protects hair from future damage but repairs damaged hair by mending broken bonds from the inside out. Olaplex’s patented solution targets the broken protofibrils within the hair and chemically re-attaches them to improve structural integrity. 

The formula isn’t just restorative, but it’s also protective and prevents further damage to the hair, especially when using heat. Olaplex also fulfills the highest standards of safety and environmental responsibility–vegan, zero phthalates and parabens, vegan, and carbon neutral!

Being at the forefront does come with a price. One ounce of Olaplex will cost you about $28, whereas competitors offer more product for a lower price. However, if you’re looking for the Cadillac of heat protectors and hair restoration products, Olaplex is your best bet!

Olaplex NO. 7

Moroccan Oil - Perfect Defense & Treatment Original

moroccan heat protectant oil

Of course, we had to include Moroccan Oil on our list of favorites. These visionaries pioneered the popularity of oil-infused hair care and brought attention to the benefits of using argan oil to treat hair.

Perfect Defense is a light aerosol that covers your hair with the famous argan oil and a suite of hair-strengthening vitamins. This light spray will protect your hair from temperatures of up to 450 degrees and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. 

Moroccan Oil’s original treatment oil is a stellar addition to the protection provided by Perfect Defense. Your hair strands immediately absorb the oil in this original formula and leaves your hair shiny, smooth, and easy to manage.

These two options are slightly cheaper per ounce, but they’re still relatively expensive. However, we certainly think that the quality is worth it!

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense

Moroccanoil Treatment 

VOLOOM Very Airy Thermal Protection Mist

hair thermal protection mist

Very Airy thermal protection mist was formulated with your hair in mind and is suitable for any hair type. VOLOOM knows exactly what your hair needs to make sure that there is no damage from blow dryers, curling irons, or other hot tools.

The proprietary formula coats your hair with flower extracts for scalp health, birch extract to promote hair strength, and hydrolyzed keratin to repair damaged cuticles. The added chamomile to protect your tresses from high heat of blow dryers and irons. For best results, apply the spray to damp hair before drying or using VOLOOM’s other tools.

VOLOOM Very Airy Thermal Protection Mist

Uniq One (Revlon)

uniq one revlon

Women all over the country have been floored with the performance of Revlon’s Uniq One treatment spray. While many look down on common drug-store brands, Revlon has 5-star reviews nearly across the board. 

While it is a heat protectant, Uniq claims to repair hair, control frizz, protect from UVA/B, detangle, prevent split ends, and volumize! We also love the smell, the price (only $12!), and the fact that you can pick it up at nearly any store. This is definitely a spray to try!

Uniq One Revlon

Balm D’or Heat Styling Shield

oribe heat styling shield

Balm D’or heat styling shield is our absolute favorite protective cream for dry and frizzy hair. Its heat-activated polymer technology protects your hair from heat damage and provides next-level richness and hydration.

The mix of cassis, sandalwood, and maracuja oils makes your hair shine while blow-drying or using your VOLOOM Classic. We absolutely love the way this little bottle looks on the shelf, too—it’s as beautiful as it is functional.

Oribe Balm D'Or Heat Styling Shield

Redken Extreme Play Safe

redken heat protectant

Redken Extreme Play Safe deviates a little from the rest of this list in that it’s a leave-in conditioner. For best results, rub it into your hair after towel drying to protect it from the high heat of a hairdryer or an iron. 

In our experience, Redkin heals split ends better than most other heat-protective products out there. This double-use makes it a favorite among people who have dry but thick hair to keep it smooth and shiny.

Redken Extreme Play Safe

Living Proof Perfect Day Heat Styling Spray

living proof heat protectant

Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray is another multi-use spray that will undoubtedly appeal to people who have wavy or curly hair. The spray works almost as a texturizer and dry shampoo and is also a heat-protective spray.

We’ve noticed that our hair stays cleaner for longer, and it’s a fantastic product for people who have oily or sebaceous hair types. The pricing is middle of the road, but it does more than enough work for the price by keeping your hair clean for up to 48 hours!

Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray

Davines MELU Hair Shield

melu hair shield

If your hair is prone to static, you will absolutely love Davines Hair Shield. It’s perfect for anyone who lives in dry areas or has to deal with long, static-inducing winters. The atomizer is super high quality, so it only takes a few sprays for your hair to become entirely and evenly covered.

Davines is also very conscious about producing their products, so you can feel good about the spray you’re buying. They use 100% clean energy and have recycled packaging to minimize the environmental impact.

Davines Hair Shield

The Net-Net

There are as many ways to take care of hair as hairstyles. We’re not here to tell you the best way to care for your hair–only you can decide what’s best for you. But we hope that some of these products help you improve your hair’s strength, shine, and integrity. To continue reading about the best ways to keep your hair strong and healthy, take another look at our blog for some great articles!