Step-By-Step Techniques to Increase Hair Volume

Step-By-Step Techniques to Increase Hair Volume

When you look in the mirror, you can't help but long for the big and beautiful locks of Oprah or Farah Fawcett. Unfortunately, you didn't enter the world with thick, full, and bouncy hair.

You're not the only one, either. Research shows that around 30 million people deal with hair thinning and hair loss as a result of genetics.

The great news? You can take steps to boost your hair volume. Here's a rundown on how to add volume to hair.

Let's dig in!

Conditioning and Shampooing Your Hair Using the Right Products

One of the biggest hair care tips for making your hair more voluminous is to use the right conditioner and shampoo. These products are lightweight and cleansing enough to promote enhanced body so that your hair no longer falls flat.

Look specifically for volumizing conditioners that feature keratin protein, olive oil, and ProVitamin B5. These products will leave your hair follicles nourished while also maximizing your body and volume.

Also, choose a volumizing shampoo that features ProVitamin B5 and biotin. This product will give your hair weightless volume and free your scalp and hair of any surface impurities present. The ProVitamin B5 will specifically strengthen your hair and add thickness and shine.

Note that these high-quality conditioner and shampoo products are safe for chemically treated, straightened, and colored hair.

Dry shampoo designed to boost hair volume may also be worth adding to your hair care arsenal. All you have to do is spray the shampoo on your hair.

The shampoo will revive and renew your hair, therefore allowing you to extend your hairstyle longer. A high-quality shampoo won't weigh your hair down. Instead, it will give you more voluminous, fuller hair.

Incorporating the Right Hair Sprays into Your Hair Care Regimen

In addition to using the right conditioner and shampoo, you should use a thermal spray that is designed to give your hair more volume.

A top-quality thermal spray features a formula that can conveniently be used with a blow dryer. You can also use it with a hot styling tool, like a curling iron, to protect your hair against damage during the styling process.

This type of spray will leave your hair volumized, styled, and soft.

Another option for enhancing your hair's volume is to use a dry texturizing spray. This transformational spray is designed to instantly create volume, texture, and shape.

When you begin to use a texturizing spray, your hair will become thick and voluminous while moving naturally. Use it to create dimension and separate strands, which will give you that desired undone look.

Another major benefit of a quality texturizing spray is that it will protect your hair from ultraviolet rays -- perfect for those days spent in the sun.

Using the Right Detangling and Teasing Brushes

Another way to produce voluminous, healthy hair is to use a detangling brush with a vented design.

This type of brush features flexible bristles that will easily glide through dry or wet hair without pulling or tugging. The vented design will channel airflow to your hair and therefore expedite your drying time.

With the right detangling brush, you can easily straighten and soften your hair, boost your hair's shine, and keep it looking and feeling voluminous day after day.

A teasing brush will also increase your hair's volume. This type of brush allows for sectioning hair and giving it the gentle tease needed to add volume.

Using a Volumizing Iron

You can also add volume to your hair by using a volumizing iron.

A volumizing iron is not a traditional flat or curling iron. Instead, it's a revolutionary tool that will give your hair volume for days. In fact, with this type of iron, you'll find yourself not having to shampoo, color, and heat-style your hair as often.

To use a volumizing iron, you'll first need to part your hair, section off its top layer, and clip the layer to your head's other size. Next, you'll need to section off a second layer beneath the upper layer and clamp the volumizing iron for a couple of seconds near your scalp. Then, you should release the iron.

Repeat this technique at least a couple of times as you move down your hair strand. Then, do the same on your head's other side.

By following these steps, you can quickly create thicker, longer hair and therefore enjoy everyday lift and glamor.

Adjusting Your Diet for Greater Hair Volume

Finally, you can increase your hair's volume by adjusting your diet.

For instance, consider incorporating supplements into your diet. You should also consume mineral-rich and vitamin-rich foods that can boost your hair's health. These minerals and vitamins include biotin, fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin D.

Foods that contain these minerals and vitamins include eggs, fish, and protein-rich food.

If you plan to take supplements, be sure to speak with your doctor about which supplements to take first.

How We Can Help with Our Volume-Enhancing Hair Products

If you're wondering how to add volume to hair, you should first use the right conditioner and shampoo. You should also use a volume-boosting detangling brush as well as a volumizing iron. Adjusting your diet can also help.

At VOLOOM, we take pride in offering a wide variety of tools to enhance your hair volume. These include our volumizing iron, conditioner, and shampoo.

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