How to Make Curly Hair Grow Faster: 8 Tips and Tricks

How to Make Curly Hair Grow Faster: 8 Tips and Tricks

If you feel like your curly hair takes forever to grow past a certain point, you're not alone. Hair growth depends on a lot of factors, from your genetics to your diet, but most experts say you should expect about 6 inches of growth per year. Of course, those six inches won't look quite as noticeable on someone with curly hair as they will on someone with straight hair!

When your dream of long, tumbling locks seems to be slipping through your fingers, don't stress: there are still plenty of ways to boost your hair growth. Here's what you should know about how to make curly hair grow faster.

1. Use High-Quality Products

One of the foundations of healthy hair is quality products. That doesn't mean you have to splurge on the high-end serums and conditioners your favorite influencers use, but it does mean you need to be careful about the ingredients you're putting into your hair.

For curly hair, moisture and oils are the keys to protecting your length.

To that end, make sure to skip the drying ingredients. Sulfates, polymers, and parabens can strip the oils from your hair, making it harder for it to maintain a healthy shine.

Despite the accepted belief that all shampoos should create a lot of foam, non-foaming shampoos can often be better for your curly hair's health. Some curly girls even swear by the famous "no-poo" method for healthier locks, which removes shampoo from the equation altogether. You can also opt for a low-lather cleanser or clarifying shampoo instead, both of which keep your hair clean without the harsh ingredients.

Replace drying ingredients with deep-conditioning ones that lock in moisture. Medicated oils like coconut, jojoba, and argon are safe bets. You should also reach for cosmetics packed with essential nutrients like biotin, protein, and B vitamins.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Again, moisture is the name of the game here. Frequent conditioning can help work hydration through your locks, which lowers your risk of breakage.

Every day, you should be adding moisture to your hair. Water-based leave-in treatments, light hair milks, and other daily moisturizers can keep your curls hydrated for hours.

Make sure to also do a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a month. These conditioners are an absolute must, as they bring much-needed moisture and vitamins back to your locks, from root to end. For extra nourishment, try adding keratin with products like our reconstructive keratin masque.

Don't forget to hydrate your body as well! Getting enough water throughout the day can send more moisture to your locks.

3. Use Protective Styles at Night

When you're going for curly hair length, you'll need to protect your hair from itself. It's easy to flop into bed without a second thought for your wild mane, but that won't do you any favors in the morning. It can also lead to excess friction, which can cause dryness and breakage.

Stop letting your hair get tangled as you sleep at night! Instead, pull your hair into your favorite protective styles to keep it safe.

There are plenty of options to choose from here, depending on the type of curls you have. Braids are an easy solution, and they have the added effect of bringing waves to your hair when you wake up and remove them. You can also pull your hair into a high ponytail, or "pineapple hair," to prevent you from tossing and turning over your curls at night.

Another good option is putting silk or satin between your hair and your bed. Some people love the feeling of a satin pillowcase, which can be great for your skin as well. Others prefer a silk hair wrap, which keeps your hair bundled away and protected as you catch some Z's.

4. Boost Your Scalp Health

Hair growth starts at the scalp, so a healthier scalp can often promote faster, stronger growth.

An easy way to improve your scalp health is to massage your scalp for three or four minutes every day. This increases your blood circulation and stimulates your hair follicles.

To make this habit a little more luxurious, you can even heat a bowl of your favorite hair oil and massage it into your scalp. After leaving it on your scalp for about an hour, rinse your hair and let it air dry.

5. Take Care of Your Ends

There's no point in trying to grow out your hair if your ends are dry or damaged. This can cause hair splitting and breakage, ruining your efforts.

That's why it's crucial to focus on your ends. If you haven't already done so, head to your favorite salon for a quick trim. This gives your hair a fresh start, allowing you to start adding length to healthy hair instead of trying to work with damaged strands.

Even though it probably seems counterintuitive, don't forget to keep up with regular haircuts. Routine trims keep your hair strong and healthy.

Aim for a trim once every 8-12 weeks when you're trying to grow your hair out. Make sure you're as specific as possible with your stylist, however: the last thing you want is for them to chop off too much by mistake!

As you add products to your hair, pay special attention to your ends. You can even find deep conditioning treatments designed for the ends of your hair. These products keep your ends soft and hydrated without making them feel stringy.

6. Be Careful With Heat

We get it: this isn't a tip you'd expect from VOLOOM, where our focus is on heating irons!

However, it really is true that excess heat isn't your friend if you're focused on growing out your locks. Heat dries out your hair, and as we've already mentioned, moisture is the key to length.

To grow out your hair, limit your interactions with any kind of heat. From flat irons to hot showers to sunbathing, heat won't do your hair any favors.

If you do choose to use heat on curly hair, there are ways to do it safely. Heat-protectant products shield your hair from damage and help keep moisture inside the strands where it belongs.

In addition, using safer heating products like VOLOOM's means far less damage. Unlike flat irons and curling irons, you'll use VOLOOM by closing and releasing it on the underlayers of your hair. Thanks to the ceramic-coated plates and ionic technology, this process even seals the cuticle to protect it from damage.

The limited use means your hair doesn't come into contact with heat for long, and our protective products can minimize your risk even more.

7. Rethink Your Diet

It should come as no surprise that what you put into your body affects what comes out of it. If you want healthy hair, you need healthy foods!

In particular, a few specific nutrients can help speed up your hair growth.

Protein is the most important of all. Your hair strands are made of protein, so consider packing your plate with lean meats, lentils, beans, eggs, and nuts to boost your growth.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also great. The vitamins in these nutrient-rich foods can bring strength and a healthy shine to your hair. They also help with the hair follicle growth cycle.

Dairy products are another safe bet, as the mixture of calcium, protein, and B vitamins are great for your hair.

If you're worried that you aren't getting the nutrients you need into your diet, consider a supplement! Some of the best ingredients to focus on include vitamins B12 and D, iron, riboflavin, and biotin. You can even find supplements designed to boost hair growth, though you should talk to your doctor before you start a new regimen.

8. Avoid Bad Hair Habits

We've been talking a lot about what you should do for hair growth. Now, it's time to talk about things you shouldn't.

First, avoid harsh chemical treatments. Perms, relaxers, bleaches, and dyes may get you the look you want for a while, but they're also damaging to your hair. Let your natural curls thrive!

Steer clear of tight hairstyles. Tight buns, ponytails, and braids can stress your hair, especially if you keep the strands pulled back for long periods. Instead, stick to looser styles.

If you're in the habit of coiling your hair around your finger, stop it! Twisting or tugging your hair can strain it, making it more prone to breakage.

Stop using fine-toothed combs on curly hair as well. Though this is fine for people with other hair textures, a wide-tooth comb is a safer way for curly-haired people to work through their knots.

Know How to Make Curly Hair Grow Faster

Taking care of your hair can help you boost your growth, allowing you to enjoy longer, healthier locks for years to come. Make sure to follow the tips above as you focus on a new hair care regimen!

Now that you know how to make curly hair grow faster, consider adding VOLOOM to your list of hair care products. Our protective volumizing irons and thermal protection mists make it easy to get the look you want without putting your curly locks at risk. Shop our products today for easy, safe, and painless styling.