Everything You Need to Know About Dry Conditioner

Everything You Need to Know About Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioner is becoming increasingly popular for women who are frustrated with their hair washing and hair care routines. Many liquid leave-in conditioners are on the market, but they all rely on a shower or bath beforehand, which means a whole wash and dry cycle for your hair. Dry conditioner, on the other hand, is as easy as applying any other spray to your hair. Read on to learn about dry conditioner best practices and the best dry conditioner for your hair!

What Is Dry Conditioner?

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Traditional leave-in conditioners are generally liquid products, however a dry conditioner has an entirely different formula than most liquid conditioners have. Dry conditioner mainly works to reduce the amount of frizz in your hair and increase your hair’s hydration. Frequently dry conditioners will have oils or silicones that give your hair a more finished and ordered look. These conditioners also help detangle your hair while giving it a smooth, refreshed shine.

How Dry Conditioner Works

Just like dry shampoo, a dry conditioner is meant to be used between washes. However, unlike dry shampoo, dry conditioners do not soak up extra oils. Instead, dry conditioners tend to work in other ways that detangle hair, eliminate frizz and static, and add extra softness to the hair. Just as regular conditioner helps moisturize and smooth your hair, dry conditioner does the same thing, just without the wash.

Dry Conditioner vs. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo mostly cleans the hair by absorbing excess oil and sebum from your hair. This absorption generally adds some extra volume to your hair in the process. However, dry conditioners were created to moisturize and smooth your hair in between showers or baths.

These two products intersect in that they are both leave-in products meant to be used on dry hair. The two products are also complementary since they can be used in conjunction with each other for the best results.

When and How to Use Dry Conditioner

There are a couple of different ways to use your favorite dry conditioner. First, you could use the dry conditioner the same way as a frizz spray or serum. Then, after you’ve dried your hair, you can work the dry conditioner into your hair to give it a nice, smooth shine.

The second way you can use dry conditioner is by applying it after applying a dry shampoo. Since shampoo adheres to the oils naturally in your hair, it can also flatten your hair. Applying a dry conditioner after can help rehydrate and “defrizz” your tresses. For best results, concentrate your application of dry conditioner on the ends of your hair instead of the roots.

The Best Dry Conditioner

VOLOOM’s Shine On Dry Conditioner is a great option for smoothing and hydrating dry ends and rough texture between shampoos. The proprietary formula has Marula oil which hydrates and conditions hair for off-day protection, detangling, and frizz control. VOLOOM’s Very Airy Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo is also an excellent option for women who want to combine their dry conditioner with a dry shampoo. The spray does an excellent job of evenly coating your hair and penetrating all different layers. 


Women who leave a couple of days between hair washing routines are sure to love dry conditioners. These special sprays give your hair that soft, conditioned look without going through the entire washing, drying, and hair care process. VOLOOM has the best tools for volumizing hair and caring for it throughout the week, including dry conditioners and dry shampoos. Visit VOLOOM’s online store to get the best products that give your hair that perfect look!