VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron
VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron

VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron

Regular price $139.99

If you want big, gorgeous volume for your hair, VOLOOM is the perfect hair volumizing iron for you!

Volume that
lasts for days

Less damage,
healthier volume

Takes less
than 5 mins

Volume that
lasts for days

Less damage,
healthier volume

Takes less
than 5 mins

If you want big, gorgeous volume for your hair, VOLOOM is the perfect hair volumizing iron for you!


VOLOOM Accessory Kit: Heat-resistant carrying case, VOLOOM red brush to section your hair and three durable VOLOOM hair clips to hold the sectioned hair in place.


*SPECIAL OFFER DETAILS: The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Irons, plus three free gifts—sectioning brush, 3 grip clips, and travel pouch— are offered for one payment of $139.99 plus FREE shipping and handling. If you are not satisfied, return VOLOOM within 30 days for a full refund of the product price.

The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Irons have been awarded US Patent 8,839,802 and are similarly patented in many other countries.


Get free ground shipping on any orders within the United States on voloom.com. Additional shipping charge for orders shipping to Canada is $20. Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands will include a $10 surcharge. Your VOLOOM order will will take typically 5-7 days to arrive.


We want you to be 100% thrilled with your purchase! As such, we have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for a full refund of the product price, which starts the day you receive your VOLOOM. If you’re not pleased for any reason, please contact Customer Service at 800-906-9203 within the 30-day period for assistance with usage and/or to arrange your return. Their normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm EST. NOTE: If returning, please send the VOLOOM back in the original package and include all the products in the kit, including the printed materials.

Which VOLOOM Is Right For Me?

VOLOOM Classic

Classic (1.5")

The heavy lifter of our irons at 1 ½ inches wide. It features the largest volumizing platforms on our patented checkerboard plates and is designed for longer, thicker hair and for those who want to go glam with movie star volume!


Petite (1")

Our medium size volumizing iron, at 1 inch wide, with mid-size volumizing platforms on our patented checkerboard plates. It is designed for hair that is medium fine in texture, medium thick in density and medium long – chin to shoulder length – and for women who want everyday glamour and lift.


Rootie (3/4")

ROOTIE the Rootlifter is the smallest of our VOLOOM volumizing irons at just 3/4 inch wide. It also features the smallest volumizing platforms of all the irons, making it perfect for those with finer, thinner or shorter hair, or those who want just a little lift!

Real Women. Real Transformations.

Less damage to
your hair

Volume that lasts for days

Shampoo, heat style and color your hair less often with VOLOOM.

Easily go extra days between shampoos because your hair is never flat.

That’s why, over time, your hair should actually get healthier with VOLOOM.


It's not a curling iron. It’s not a flat iron. It’s a revolutionary new kind of hair tool.

VOLOOM Technology

1/3 Section Hair

Part hair normally and then section off the top layer that you would like to stay smooth. Clip this layer to the other side.

2/3 voloom Hair

Section off another layer, underneath the upper smooth layer, hold the under-layer straight up from head and clamp VOLOOM for one to two seconds near the scalp and release.

3/3 voloom Hair

Repeat the clamp and release technique two or three times, moving down the hair shaft. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the other side.

VOLOOM Technology

This product is unbelievable!

Got my new rootie & I can tell this is going to change my life! Super easy to use & my hair looks amazing! LOVE IT!

- Donna, Tx

Well, this VOLOOM really does what it says!

Thank you VOLOOM, for keeping your promises!

- Carol H, UT

So happy with the VOLOOM!!

Gives so much volume and my style now lasts for days!!

- Aimee, OH

Love this thing!

I got compliments on the first day... the volume has lasted... Highly recommend!

- Katie M, TX

Getting Volume is easier than ever





no more bad hair days

The big “aha moment” in designing VOLOOM was realizing that I had to create structure in the under-layers of the hair in order to lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. That structure needed to be strong without showing a distinct pattern in the hair.

Here’s to great hair days,
Patricia Lund, CEO


What is VOLOOM?

The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron is an entirely one-of-a-kind styling tool, designed specifically to add fabulous volume to your hair. You simply style your hair as you like, then as a finishing step, on dry hair, use VOLOOM to add volume to the under-layers of the hair closest to the scalp. This gives the hair full, healthy, sexy volume.

How do I know which VOLOOM is right for me?

If you have longer hair, thicker hair, or just want to go big, Classic will be the one. If you have medium length hair that is medium fine, Petite is your go-to tool. And if your hair is chin-length or shorter, or if you just want a little boost at the root, ROOTIE the Rootlifter will do the job. Take our quiz to find out which tool is best for you.

What is the available temperature range for VOLOOM?

VOLOOM’s temperature is adjustable in five degree increments starting at 220 degrees Fahrenheit and going up to 395 degrees.

Will VOLOOM damage my hair?

VOLOOM has been designed to help you achieve maximum results while minimizing the potential for hair damage. It is to be used only on the hair near the scalp and a few inches down the hair shaft. This hair is rich in natural protective oils – your own natural heat protection. Unlike other hot tools, it is never used on the ends of hair, most prone to damage. Plus, VOLOOM has protective ceramic coated plates, as well as ionic technology that help to seal the cuticle and protect from damage. All of these features protect the hair. Most women over-wash and over-style their hair because it falls flat if they don’t. With VOLOOM, you’ll likely find that you can easily go extra days without washing because your hair is never flat! This change in your regular hair routine means that you’ll find that you need to shampoo, color, and heat-style your hair less often with VOLOOM, causing less damage to your hair over time. Over the long term, your hair should actually get healthier with VOLOOM!

Will the hair volume I get with VOLOOM last?

Absolutely! That’s the best part. The volume that you get is “heat-locked” into your hair, unlike the volume you get with sprays and gels, which can weigh the hair down and make it fall flat. This means that your volume will last for days or until you get your hair wet.

Will VOLOOM work in climates with extreme heat and humidity?

Yes. But these conditions present challenges to all hot styling tools, including VOLOOM, and may require some adjustments in your styling routine. First, you need to use VOLOOM on dry hair, especially in humid conditions. If the hair is damp, or if you sweat, the structure that VOLOOM provides will not last as long. Also, you may find that you need to use the same type of styling products that you would usually use in these climates to combat humidity, such as humidity blockers, heat styling sprays or finishing sprays. These will help to preserve the volume in humid environments.

How long does it take to use VOLOOM?

That’s one of the best features! It takes just a minute or two to get huge volume in your hair that you really can’t get any other way – even with a time-consuming blowout. You’ll save so much time in your daily routine by not having to wash and style as often.