Huge Hair Volume
That Lasts for days!

Hints and Tips for Using the VOLOOM Volumizing Iron


Select the precise temperature for your hair.  

Here’s a basic guide. But experiment to find your ideal temperature. The digital controls and readout make finding and choosing the right temperature so easy and accurate. Remember, the first time you use the VOLOOM hair volumizer, select a lower temperature than you think you might need, until you get the hang of the technique!  If you just don’t like a lot of heat on your hair, you always have the option of selecting a lower temperature and holding VOLOOM on for slightly longer. Just experiment to find out what temperature works best for your particular hair type. 

Fine, thin or damaged hair: 320-350 degrees F  
Normal, medium, healthy hair: 350-370 degrees F  
Thick, coarse or curly hair: 370-390 degrees F  

Section off the top layer of hair. 


VOLOOM is made to be used on the under-layers of hair, which are covered by an untreated top layer. Just make sure that you part your hair normally, and then section off the top layer that you would like to stay smooth, and clip it off to the side. Use VOLOOM on the layers of hair underneath this top layer. That is the basic VOLOOM technique. Watch these videos to see the VOLOOM hair volume tool live in action.  

Keep the hair alongside your face smooth and untreated.  

Take a thin section of hair alongside your face – ½ to 1 inch wide -- and clip it off to the side with the top layer of untreated hair. It will remain untreated and smooth.  

Hide any imprint under the smooth outer layer. 


VOLOOM works by creating structure in the under-layers of hair that are covered by an untreated top layer. When you first clamp down on hair using VOLOOM, you will see an imprint. This is the volumizing structure, or “volume pockets” that will hold up the top layers. But once the hair cools or you brush through it, this imprint will ease and soften, leaving only a slight impression and much greater hair volume. Most women find that they are easily able to hide this imprint under the smooth outer layer of hair. 

More layers equal more volume.  

The most effective way to control the volume you get with VOLOOM is to control the size of the layers that you use. If you want more volume, try sectioning off thinner under-layers. The volume in the under-layers will “stack up” giving the appearance of even more volume. If you want less volume, you can section off fewer but thicker layers.  

If you have a side part: 

You may not want to VOLOOM as many layers on the side with more hair. Do fewer layers on this side in order to match the volume on the other side that has less hair. 

Crown volume made easy: 

If you just want crown volume or if you want even more volume on your crown, try this: Make a section of hair a couple of inches wide at the top of your head where you want more height. If you have a middle part, take an inch-wide section along both sides of your part and make a single section of hair. Hold this section of hair straight up from the top of your head. Using a lower temperature than normal (20 -30 degrees below what you would usually use), use VOLOOM on this section close to the scalp, but do not clamp the plates together completely. Hold in this position for a second or two. Unclamp. The inner- most part of the section in the middle of your head will have height, but little or no texture. If you want even more height, you might try using a heat protection or styling spray on this section. 



Brush your hair with the brush included.

This will break up the structure and make it less visible. If you brush the hair, the treated layers will look like naturally curly or wavy hair. 

Try a thicker top layer.

If the volumizing structure that VOLOOM creates is showing through to the top layers, you probably aren’t using a thick enough layer to cover the treated under-layers. 

Try a lower temperature.

If the temperature is too high, it may create too much volumizing structure in your hair. Lower it significantly and then increase incrementally until you find the optimal temperature. Don’t clamp VOLOOM on the hair as long. If you are using VOLOOM at the correct temperature for your hair, you should not need to hold it on for longer than about a second. If you hold it too long in one place, the structure created will be so firm that it may show through. 

Don’t clamp the plates together completely. You can get great volume without clamping the plates together completely. Just hold them together without clamping them tightly together if you want less texture. 

Use a flatiron to smooth any problem areas.

If you have tried the above techniques and still see unwanted texture poking through, just use a flatiron very quickly on just those affected areas. You do not need to use it on any other areas. 


Try getting closer to the roots.

VOLOOM works best when you get close to the scalp and then work your way down to about the tops of your ears.  

Raise the temperature slightly, until you get a true imprint in the hair.

When it cools, the imprint will relax a bit. Don’t brush or comb through until the hair cools. You have complete control over the temperature of VOLOOM with the digital controls. You can adjust VOLOOM every five degrees, from 220 degrees (Fahrenheit), to 395 degrees. 

Hold VOLOOM on a bit longer.

You should hold it on for about a second (long enough to say “VOLOOM”) but not longer than 2 seconds. You need to be able to see some imprint initially; otherwise, it won’t hold onto the volume as the hair cools and relaxes. 

Try using a volumizing spray, mousse, or gel.

Normally, you don’t need product in your hair with VOLOOM. But some hair is so fine that it needs a little help holding any texture in the hair. Or, maybe you just feel like having movie star-big hair! If that is the case, a little volumizing spray or your favorite mousse or gel might be just the help you need. Just make sure the hair is dry before using VOLOOM. 

Tease the hair ever so slightly with the teasing brush included, before using VOLOOM.

Just one light stroke with the brush should do the trick. This will give the hair a little more grip to hang onto the structure that VOLOOM creates. Never tease so much that you can’t run a brush easily through your hair. You’re only trying to add extra “grip” to the hair, not to actually tease it.  

Freshen up 2nd or 3rd day hair with VOLOOM.  

Many people over-wash their hair, not because it is oily or dirty, but because it falls flat. Instead of washing your hair on the 2nd or 3rd day after a shampoo, try using VOLOOM instead to fluff up flat spots, smooth out cowlicks and create a much fuller and more flattering silhouette. VOLOOM is a huge time saver, eliminating the need to wash and style hair every day.  

Use VOLOOM any time you want a boost.  

VOLOOM-treated hair should hold its volume for at least a couple of days or until your next shampoo. But some people find they want to boost it up more often. Every person’s hair is different, depending on the texture and health of your hair. But because the tool is never used on the dry, fragile ends of hair, many people are able to use the tool whenever they want – even every day if they sweat during exercise or if they just want a boost! Most people find that their natural oils offer plenty of heat protection for frequent use.  Or, use your favorite heat protection spray. 

Humid climates require more finesse.  

 Hot, humid climates present challenges to all hot styling tools, including VOLOOM, and may require some adjustments in your styling routine. First, you need to make sure that your hair is dry when you use VOLOOM, especially in humid conditions. If your hair is damp, or if you sweat, the structure that VOLOOM provides will not last as long. Also, you may find that you need to use the same type of styling products that you would usually use in these climates to combat humidity, such as humidity blockers, heat styling sprays or finishing sprays. These will help to preserve the volume in humid environments.  

Dry shampoos work well with VOLOOM.  

Dry shampoos are perfect mates for the tool. Here’s why: Many people find that they can go days longer between shampoos when using VOLOOM. That’s because most people wash their hair when it goes flat, even if it’s still relatively clean. By using VOLOOM instead of washing every day, you can avoid the damage of too frequent washings. If you do find that your hair needs a bit of touchup between shampoos, try using a dry shampoo in your hair before you use VOLOOM. You’ll probably find that your hair has even more fabulous volume than when it is freshly washed.  

Add glamour to ponytails and updo’s.  

You’ll be amazed by how much more body and volume you have in your ponytails and updos with VOLOOM. Even a simple ponytail will look more styled and polished with more height and staying power. And your up-dos will be bigger and more glamorous. Experiment and have fun!  

Play with it!  

Don’t be afraid to just experiment with VOLOOM and try different looks and variations in volume. Try going really big – 60’s big! Try a “mock bob” if you have longer hair by pouffing out the hair at the chin and tucking it under. Try using VOLOOM with your favorite volumizing sprays and mousses – just make sure hair is dry first – and see how much volume you can get! Try using VOLOOM to fluff up flat spots and get rid of cowlicks and bed head. Try simply drying your hair after a workout, and then using VOLOOM to add volume without washing. Experiment with how many days you can go without washing by simply using VOLOOM. See how much VOLOOM pops up the layers of a new edgy haircut. Even try using VOLOOM on the top hair layer – many women find that they like the “tousled” effect it gives. The bottom line is: Don’t be afraid to play! Learn more about VOLOOM by reading why these 14 beauty experts tried and love the VOLOOM volumizing iron. Want more proof that VOLOOM is THE tool to use for hair volume? Read the Huffington Post review or check out Carli Bybel's blog review.