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VOLOOM Volumizing Demonstration Irons Quality Standards: A VOLOOM Volumizing Iron specialist performs a full diagnostic test to ensure the VOLOOM is fully functional. The specialist then thoroughly cleans the VOLOOM, replaces any missing components with new components, and repackages the VOLOOM so that the refurbished product works and looks like new. The products will have minimal to no signs of wear and no visible cosmetic imperfections.

Your VOLOOM Volumizing Demo Iron comes with a 30-day manufacturer’s guarantee. If your VOLOOM does not work as expected, we will replace your VOLOOM within 30 days of your receipt.

Finer, thinner, shorter hair?  Just want a little boost?  Rootie’s the one!

ROOTIE the Rootlifter is the smallest of our VOLOOM volumizing irons at just 3/4 inch wide.  It also features the smallest volumizing platforms of all the irons, making it perfect for those with finer, thinner or shorter hair, or those who want just a little lift!



Discounts cannot be applied towards the purchase of a VOLOOM Volumizing Demonstration Iron or a VOLOOM Extended Warranty.

*OFFER DETAILS: The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Demo Irons, plus three free gifts—sectioning brush, 3 grip clips, and travel pouch— are offered for one payment of $99.00 plus FREE shipping and handling. If you are not satisfied, return VOLOOM within 30 days for a full refund of the product price.

**PLEASE NOTE: Additional shipping charge for orders shipping to Canada is $20. Orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands will include a $10 surcharge. Your VOLOOM order will ship via FedEx SmartPost and will take typically 2-7 business days. 

The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Irons have been awarded US Patent 8,839,802 and are similarly patented in many other countries. 

"Just got my Rootie a few days ago. Hadn't washed my hair in several days. I used it anyway. It still gave my hair body and fullness. Lasted for several days also. Absolutely love it. Was pricey but well worth it."

-Linda H.

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