Huge Hair Volume
That lasts for days!

What beauty experts are saying about the VOLOOM Volumizing Iron

Aly Walansky, 
 Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty and Fashion 
“It may be the weirdest hair tool they will receive as a gift this season, but also the most unique and fun. The creates “volume pockets” in the under layers of your hair, lifting the top layers up and away from your scalp. It takes just minutes to do and your hair will have lift and fullness like never before.” 
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The Today Show, 
 17 last-minute beauty gifts that'll arrive in time for Christmas
“If the giftee seriously loves volume, this adorable little contraption makes it incredibly easy to get the height they desire.”
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Jenny Miranda, 
The 2017 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers 
“As someone with really thin and fine hair, I’ve been looking for a way to give my locks a little more body. VOLOOM is the ONLY hot tool specifically designed to add lasting volume – EASILY & without product OR expensive blowouts.”
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Reader's Digest,
52 Christmas Gifts Your Teen Will Actually Love: The gift of luscious locks 
 "If her dream is to hashtag her Instagram stories with #bighairdontcare, give her Voloom's newest product in its collection, Rootie the Root Lifter!"


Christabelle's Closet,
Va Va Voluminous Hair - Get the Hair Volume of your Dreams 
 "VOLOOM™, the heated iron company that revolutionized the hair industry with its patented Hair Volumizing Iron, has returned with its latest innovation, Rootie The Rootlifter"

The Makeup Examiner, 
Easiest Way to Create Volume
"VOLOOM, the heated iron company that revolutionized the hair industry with its patented Hair Volumizing Iron, has returned with its latest innovation, Rootie The Rootlifter, the smallest volumizing iron in the collection." 

Allure Magazine, 
15 Weird Holiday Beauty Gifts For 2017
"Flatirons can leave your hair, well, flat. This iron promises to do the exact opposite. With beveled plates, run this over the few inches of hair closest to your roots for instantaneous lift and volume, no teasing or product overload required."

Fashion Snoops, 
"Voloom has returned with its latest innovation, Rootie the Rootlifter. Voloom Rootie provides everyday volume for all hair lengths and types... Rootie heat-locks the volume into your hair, helping your volume last for days." 

Carli Bybel, 
 "It really looks like the coolest new beauty tool on the market...It gives more body in the roots which is genius...No hairspray, no teasing. It's awesome... First impressions: This is amazing!" 

 Abby Smith, 
 "A really great tool I think you will love!...It's amazing. It gives you really great volume. The VOLOOM has made me more confident wearing my hair straight...It was super easy ...and it will last all day and tomorrow and the next day. I love that!" 

Lauren Salapatek, Modern Salon:
Flat Hair? This New VOLUMIZING IRON Has Cracked the Code on Volume - For Real. 
 "The new Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron is unlike any other volumizing iron MODERN SALON has tested, and after trying it out we think it's the best thing since sliced bread for clients with flat hair. This is the first heat styling tool that adds volume to any hair style by creating hidden layers of support beneath the visible top layers of hair."


Chloe Spencer, Huffington Post: 
Attention Ladies: The Greatest Hair Volumizing Tool Of All Time Has Been Invented 
“I found the cure for my flat, lifeless hair. It wasn't a "magical" hair pill, it wasn't another sticky gel or mousse product, it wasn't a teasing was called VOLOOM. And it was nothing I had ever seen, heard of or even dreamed of before. And I just had to share this lifesaving invention with my readers.” 

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Kendra Aarhus, Women’s Hairstyles Expert, 
Voloom - The Hair Tool that Will Change Your Whole World Long Lasting, Big Volume Has Never Been so Easy 
"After using the Voloom for the first time, I'm truly in love with it and find new ways to add effortless volume to my hair with each use. It not only delivers on all its promises, but it's easy to use and fast without all the teasing and extra volumizing products that I'd normally use on my hair…"


Kelly Gould, 
"I can't stop raving about this. It adds volume to almost any hair style that lasts and lasts without sticky sprays or products. It's so simple, it's genius. ...If you know of someone who's ever complained of flat or lifeless hair, this is the solution.”…If you follow me on Facebook (you do, right?), you've seen me raving about this new iron called the VOLOOM. This high-end iron adds volume right where you need it most, at the roots. Forget powders, backcombing and root sprays. The VOLOOM will boost your style in less than three minutes and the results will last all day. "

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Toni Sicola,
"...This thing is rad. It took me 5 minutes or less to Voloom my own hair. Because I was going to work and not to a wedding or fancy party, I didn’t shoot for the stars to achieve maximum volume. I achieved an every day look that lasted through my TRX and climbing night on Monday. I worked out once and went another full day after that with my Voloomed hair before having it washed yesterday at my hair appointment. It was awesome!..." 


Amber Murray, 
“You guys, I’ve been dying to show this to you for months, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. I’ve been using this iron since last summer since I was one of the first to have it, and I HAVE to tell you all about it. It’s called VOLOOM, and it’s a flat-haired babe’s best friend.” 

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Marsha Friedman , 
"The Voloom is the newest and most interesting hair styler on the market. If you have midlength or longer hair then this is the tool you want to banish the flatness and add oomph as you do...What you end up with is volume and smoothness. It lasts for about 2 days for me. I can also use it on second day hair as a way to perk it up. With that I use a heat protectant, let it dry and then follow the same procedure above." 

Teri Cosenzi, 
"I didn't believe it until I tried it, but once I did, I was obsessed. ...After a few tries, I have learned how to quickly use the VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron and use it very easily to achieve the volume I want."

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Lisa Heath, 
"There is a brand new (and easy to use!) hair tool on the market and it might be my favorite one yet! Add volume and life to your hair in 5 minutes (or less) with Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron...Best part (aside from it being quick and easy to use)? It lasts all day. Without the use of sprays or gels... My volume holds all day with VOLOOM. It’s just amazing.”

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Stef Andrews, 
“Flat Hair? Meet your new best friend. VOLOOM. VOLOOM works. Actually, it doesn’t just work; it’s a hair game changer. If you’re in a constant struggle to get volume in your hair through products and blowdrying, things are about to get A LOT easier...Besides the crazy amount of volume it produces, there are two more facts about VOLOOM that I found amazing. You don’t need any styling products with it. I have NEVER got volume out of my hair without the aid of products before! Equally surprising, I didn’t need to wash my hair as quickly. My hair is normally dirty and flat by the second day. But with VOLOOM I went three days without washing it.” 

* * *

Kristie Burnett, 
"This summer I had the opportunity to get my hands on a new hair tool called Voloom. What is Voloom? Voloom is a volumizing hair tool that has changed my life. Honestly. This tool heats up in thirty seconds, takes just a few clamps at the root to obtain volume and the volume lasts. And lasts. And kicks the butt out of teasing, back-combing, ratting and whatever other lengths we go to get volume in our hair.” 

Laura Gallaway, 
"EVERYone wanted to know what I did to my hair to make my hair so awesome! Well, the secret to voluminous hair lies within the VOLOOM hair tool! It is the first Hair Volumizing Iron. It has finally launched!"